"I recently had the pleasure of recording at Uve's studio, with a West African artist named Umaro under the working title of UM Project.

I had known Uve's work to primarily represent music from the hard rock genre, so it was interesting to see what he could accomplish with this much more traditional music we were creating, which inhabits an almost Latin-like musical space.

Uve has a unique set-up, which greatly improves upon the typical methods used for recording in the studio. Also, he has superior analog options available, including a selection of vintage Neve and API hardware. Appreciating many old-school recordings as I do, I can say that Uve successfully seeks out and achieves natural, organic and classic sounds.

Uve was great to work with, patient and skillful at interpreting the type of sophisticated sounds we were trying to lay down. I have also heard some of the hard rock recordings he has worked on, and I was greatly impressed at how he was able to make substantial improvements to the raw tracks."

Matthew Rogers, Guitarist, UM Project

"Uve did a great job of mixing and mastering our latest album, and I would recommend him to any artist if you want to get the work done at a good price, with fast and consistent service. We would definitely work with him again in the future..."

Angel Licop, Lead Vocalist, Torque Down

"I laid down several tracks at Uve's studio. Uve was great to work with and very accommodating. The flexibility was surprising and I was able to come away with a great recording..."

Barry Farndon, Singer/Songwriter

"So goood" 

Praise for the album Counterattack, Mixed & Mastered by Uve Potisepp,  by Rupert Carangal, Record Executive